Sober Living in Plymouth, MA

When you are recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction, you may not be ready to return home after a short period in a rehabilitation facility. Sober living in Plymouth gives you the time you need to recover effectively from your addiction. In sober living communities, you will have the opportunity to meet others who are in your unique situation. It is a great place to build a support network, as the individuals at sober living are working hard at their own recovery. You may find that you attend 12-step meetings together, or that you find a job through one of your connections that you make at sober living. It's an environment where you can feel safe at night and you don't have to return to a home that isn't supportive of your sobriety. If you don't have a place to live or you can't return to where you were when you were actively abusing substances, a sober living housing can offer you a wonderful opportunity to recover.

Understanding Sober Living in Plymouth

Sober living in Plymouth is likely to utilize the SMART Recovery system to provide addicts with the treatment they need in order to successfully return to the community. The SMART program or Self-Management and Recovery Training is a program designed specifically for addiction and people living in sober living communities. It is important to understand that SMART is not part of Alcoholics Anonymous and is not a 12-step recovery program. The SMART program is based on a four-point recovery process, and individuals work with a sponsor throughout the program to get the proper guidance.

The first phase of the SMART program is to build up the motivation for sobriety and learn how to maintain it. This is done at sober living housing and at other treatment programs in Plymouth by working closely with a sponsor, attending therapy, and working to address the triggers that led to your substance abuse. While the program is similar to 12-step groups in that you have a sponsor and you attend meetings, the focus of these meetings is different. SMART is based on a self-empowerment model, while traditional 12-step groups focus on giving up your power to a higher power.

The second stage in the SMART program is learning how to cope with urges. When you are able to get control of the urge to abuse substances, you are less likely to relapse. You will talk in groups and with your sponsor about the stages of change, and you will be taught new ways to focus your life away from drugs or alcohol.

During the third stage, you will learn about how your thoughts have a direct effect on your behavior. You will learn ways to think positive and to feel more empowered in your recovery.

In the final stage, you will develop skills that will help you live a more balanced life. Whether you begin a new exercise routine, learn about meditation, or you develop a support network will depend on the strategies that work for you. The SMART recovery program is about teaching you how to take your life back from an empowerment perspective.

Your Length of Stay in Sober Living Housing

How long you live in sober living communities depends on your compliance and success within the program. As you reside in sober living in Plymouth, you will find that you may be ready to live independently within six months or so. Others live in sober housing for longer, some choosing a residential program for more than a year.

What Residing in Sober Living Communities Is Like

Sober living in Plymouth involves living with rules that you must follow. Your first experience in sober living housing may involve not leaving the residence unsupervised for a few weeks as you get used to your new living situation. You'll meet plenty of support in sober living, as many people who are there are working very hard on their recovery. It's a great place to build relationships that will last you a lifetime. As you become stronger in your sobriety, you will find that the people you meet in sober housing are the ones that help you when you need it. It's a great environment and one in which you can grow a solid foundation of sobriety. Your life is waiting for you, and it's time to call Plymouth Alcohol Rehab Centers for help so that you can get through your addiction and start living a better life. (877) 804-1531.

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